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Photography by SHOW NEMOTO

Create high vibration with photography 

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Hello there !

Allow me to introduce myself with my relationship with fashion and photography . I started being interested in fashion when I was 10 years old . Started learning by myself at age of 13 . So it has been a long time finding “the beauty” in what we call fashion . Later on I find that fashion is a philosophy . Philosophy is a study without answer . It changes constantly based on politics , technology , society . So i stopped chasing “No Answer” , then become more free and start accepting myself as who I am . “What’s underneath your outfit is your fashion” That was the answer for me . 

At age of 19 I bought my first camera which I’m still using , I was interested in streetstyle photography like AKS , Sartorialist by Scott Schuman . Spend over 7 years playing with my camera in different countries , different ethnicities . I learned camera setting lighting skills through modeling , always watching how good photographer play with lightings . Also editing I have few different ways of editing depends on energy of photography and person in it . I am more certain than ever that my photography experience and skills should be used to help individuals to grow their confidence , create good contents like fashion models , use unordinary photos for your business and your own branding . 

Photography carries energy of your own .

How I photograph you 

Most of the photos are also styled by me . I have been styling other individuals for over 10 years , I find quite often that styling with sensitive details matter , in order to bring photos to the next level . So with your outfit I will combine with my personal clothes or borrow some items from brands that I have a good relationship with . Also I have a licence of hairstylist as well so I will be able to fix your hair or suggest beforehand . So we will discuss about what kind of photos we are going to create , the purpose behind of this opportunity , in order to create high vibrated photos . 

And don’t worry I will guide you for posing and faces , expressions . Based on my over 7 years of modeling career . Basically what you need is your body and some of your clothes and excitement . For women I have a partner to work on this and she will help me to style clothes for you . It will be more comfortable for you . So in other words you will experience real photoshoot served everything by only me (and my pertoner) .

In order to get to know you send me a DM on Instagram for questions , further details .

This session works when I am physically in town . So if you are interested please be noted where I am on Instagram . Most of the time it will be in Nertherlands . 

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