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This short intro contains some basic foundation to learn fast and earn effective result from this online course itself . So please watch before you go into next video . Download complete journal guide with desire sheet which help you to define your desire and to start journaling the most effective way .

How to shift your focus

In this video you will learn how to shift your focus from negative to positive as much as you can . Being positive is actually THE KEY to success at any level . Make sure to use desire sheet in this chapter so you can start to apply it in your life .

How to reprogram
subconscious mind

In this video you will learn how to actually reprogram your subconscious mind . You can download guiding meditation for reprogramming . First watch this video before you use guiding meditation . 

How to direct your future

In this video you will learn how to direct your future . By using this method that I use to manifest your desire into reality . However this method will be effective when you follow my guide specially last two videos . Do not underestimate last two videos . Master the basic first .

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