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Dear my future friend . 

I am so happy that you are here . It can be my instagram or completely random . It doesn’t matter , there’s always a reason for everything in our life . Because we are the one who creates our reality . I know it sounds abstract . But it is true , if you allow me to tell you a little bit about how this world works because if this is The Opportunity for you to change yourself and live your life How your want it to be . Then I want you to know that I can help you to actually make that happen . 

So our life is made with two things Material and Energy . And energy can change material like fire does , or it can move the material like gravity does . And what you have to know is our mind , our consciousness is also energy . You probably know what Im gonna say . Yes , your mind can actually affect what we call material , because every single thing(material) is made by energy . 


1 on 1 coaching private video calls , completely customized for each client for maximum effectiveness & results ! 


Private WhatsApp messaging for unlimited questions, Checking in your progress and updating at each level you are at . Including audios and videos .

About Me

Hey guys ! I’m SHOW pleasure to meet you ! 

I’m an online coach/Fashion Model .

Let me tell you about my personal story a little bit , I had been struggling with negativity , low self-esteem , laziness . I didn’t know what to do in life . I was waiting for something great to show up in my life . I was pretending that I am different , I am better than other people . And some of my egos and fear came from experienced of getting bullied and being hated by so many people in school . 

So if you are struggling something like this , I can relate to you . This is me talking from my heart . I’ve been there . I was filled with my ego . It was so hard to change my mind , consciousness , habits , routine you name it . 

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But I started meditation  , also I spent years and years studying about self -development as a start , then I became better and better but I realised that I was still in my head even I wake up at 6am work out everyday , take cold shower everyday , do breathwork meditate everyday . I didnt know what to do anymore . Sometime this thoughts comes in which was self-doubt , negative thoughts , it was how I think . I programed myself that way . Then I started learn about energy and consciousness in Quantum Physics and Neuro Sience then I found what I was missing . How to master your mind . Self-development is good but most people don’t know about this . Self-development is a method to improve your energy and physical , mental health which is very important of course , but you need to master your mind . Otherwise you think the same and feel the same . You will eventually come back to “Default You” .

Since I start taking full control of my mind , I started to go beyond of myself and Do what I passionate about , Be where I wanna be and Be who I wanna be with , In order to live my like how I want , And I am here to share all of my secrets and method with you and coach you all the way to change your life !

What you will learn from coaching 

  • Become different person : It is not physically become different person . You will reprogram your subconscious mind and think different , feel different , act different in a positive way .

  • Law of attraction : LOA is working 24/7 we are just not aware of it . You will learn how to attract great things in life effortlessly .

  • Manifestation : You will learn how to  manifest and manifest fast . Each one of us has a own life , and that is absolutely our responsibility to create how we want to live . 

I will walk you through step by step with meditation , and my unique method to transform you as a Servant of your mind to a Master of your mind . What most people don’t know is we have three different Mind which is the Brain , Body , Gut . We will approach all of them to completely transform your mind . And honestly as I mentioned what you gain from this coaching just above , once you master your mind , whatever is your desire , only thing you need to do to make it reality is focus on that specific topic . 

All right get ready to live your life how you want it to be !


Are You Not Sure Yet ?

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Is 1 on 1 Life Styling Coaching For Me?

Absolutely! From teenager all the way to over 30 . Each one of you can gain great benefit with fast result !

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What If I'm Not Ready For Coaching?

I take each clients of all stages in the self improvement journey . Whether you are just beginning or experienced ,  there is room for everyone!

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Will Coaching Be Worth The Money?

Absolutely! I’ve got several different coaching packages for each one of you , there is a spot for every single person depends on what you are aiming for or financial situation !


I have had great success with each one of my clients so if you are not satisfied with the information I provide , I will give you a full refund of your money.