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Dear my future friend . 

I am so happy that you are here . Whatever the reason that you are here , I respect you for being here trying to find a way to improve yourself . Because that’s how everything starts . You are here maybe because you have something you wanna improve but has been hard to actually accomplish it . You are hee maybe because you have low self esteem and want to be confident and happy . Being able to be confident in your own skin being attractive human being is what every single person deserve to be . You deserve to be everything you wanna be . And this opportunity can be a breakthrough in your life . 

Do you relate some of these ?

・I can not love myself 
・I am always afraid of trying new thing 
・I can not do things consistently 
・People don’t like me 
・I have zero confidence 
・I am struggling with anxiety 
・I am not happy 
・I am stuck where I am 
・I do not know what to do 
・I am struggling with overthinking 

・I want to love myself and be loved
・I want to be fearless 
・I want to be consistent for goals 
・I want to have good friends 
・I want to be confident who I am 
・I want to be thinking and feelings positive 
・I want to be happy everyday 
・I want a breakthrough 
・I want to have a purpose in my life 
・I want to be able make decision 

If you relate some of these , you are in the right place and right moment .
Mastering your mind will solve these problems and I personally put so much effort into self development however , if you are still servant of your mind instead of being a master of your mind . You are servant of your life .
It might sounds harsh but I am here to help you to make a decision . But here is the thing if you continue to think the way you thought , you continue to get what you always got . If you want things in your life to change you gonna have to change things in your life . otherwise nothing will change . 

About Me

Hey guys ! I’m SHOW pleasure to meet you ! 
Let me tell you about my personal story a little bit , I had been struggling with negativity , low self-esteem , laziness loneliness whatever you wanna name it I was filled with them . I didn’t know what to do in life . I was waiting for something great to show up in my life . I was pretending that I am different , And some of my egos and fears came from experienced of getting bullied and being hated by many people in school . 
So if you have been through something like this , I understand how you feel . This is me talking from my heart . I’ve been there . I was filled with my ego . It was so hard to change my mind , consciousness , habits , routine you name it . 

IMG_1167 3.jpg

But I started meditation  , also I spent years and years studying about self -development as a start , then I became better and better but I realised that I was still in my head even I wake up at 6am work out everyday , take cold shower everyday , do breathwork meditate everyday . I didn’t know what to do anymore . Sometime this thoughts comes in which was self-doubt , negative thoughts , it was how I think . I programed myself that way . Self-development is good but self-development is a method to improve your energy and physical , mental health which is very important of course , but you need to master your mind . Otherwise you think the same and feel the same . You will eventually come back to “Default You” .
Since I start taking full control of my mind , from negative loser to confident and one of the most positive person I know . I started to go beyond of my knowledge and Do what I passionate about , Be where I wanna be and Be who I wanna be with , In order to live my like how I want , And I am here to share all of my secrets and method with you and coach you all the way to change your life !

What you will learn from coaching 

  • Mastering your Mind : You will master your mind in terms of thinking positive , feeling positive , act the way you wanna act . Taking full control of your mind and body . Be the master of your mind not the servant .

  • Solid Confidence : You will gain lock solid confidence within you . It will protect you and lift you up in any level of your life . Specially career and relationship . 

  • Self-love : You will love yourself truly from your heart . Your love towards to you will change your love towards to others . And every relationship you will have . Only in better way . 

  • Communication technique : You will learn the real way of communication to help you make friends and receive respect and love from others 

I will walk you through step by step with meditation and my unique method to transform you as a confident and one of the most positive person you ever know . What most people don’t know is we have three different Mind which is the Brain , Body , Gut . We will approach all of them to completely transform your mind . 
Your future is the result of this present moment . This small curiosity or decision can make a huge difference in your future .

Get ready to live your life how you want it to be !


1 on 1 coaching private video calls , completely customized for each client for maximum effectiveness & results ! 


Private WhatsApp messaging for unlimited questions, Checking in your progress and updating at each level you are at . Including audios and videos .

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Is 1 on 1 Life Styling Coaching For Me?

Absolutely! From teenager all the way to over 30 . Each one of you can gain great benefit with fast result !

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I take each clients of all stages in the self improvement journey . Whether you are just beginning or experienced ,  there is room for everyone!

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Will Coaching Be Worth The Money?

Absolutely! I’ve got several different coaching packages for each one of you , there is a spot for every single person depends on what you are aiming for or financial situation !