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Empower your-authentic-self to live your life with true confidence and freedom

Hi Friend, I'm SHOW

I know that dealing with lack of self-love and low self-esteem feels like being a prisoner of your own thoughts. 

It’s like bullying yourself with negative self talk and torturing yourself by constantly feeling like s**t. 

And all of this leading to you not being able to express yourself powerfully and authentically. 
Not feeling good enough, even though deep down you do know you have so much to offer.

You can not love anyone if you don't love yourself.
You are not gonna be truly happy if you don't accept yourself.

End of the day what we all want is to be loved and feel understood.

And if you are ready to make this change, I’d love to guide you on this journey.


Here are what people say
about this program

Watch what Haruka says working with me through 1on1 coaching with me 

Watch what Astiana says working with me through 1on1 coaching with me 

Watch what Madeline says working with me through 1on1 coaching with me 

What will you learn from this coaching

  • Deep goal setting and committing the change and accomplishment. 

  • Building healthy routine that will transform your life. 

  • Eliminating your limiting beliefs from your past and traumas.

  • Healing yourself and the inner child through various methods.

  • Reprogramming your subconscious mind for success and abundance. 

  • Gaining confidence through inner work and practical methods. 

  • Loving yourself for who you are and radiate positivity and love.

  • Mastering your body language and verbal communication to express yourself better and to connect with others in a deeper level.

+ so much more!

Message from SHOW

Hi I'm SHOW 

I mentor people to gain true confidence and self-love so that we can live the life we want with freedom. 

・As a coach I helped over hundred of people through coaching and workshops.

・As a content creator I helped over millions of people through my contents on every social media platform. 

・My goal is to help 
millions of people with my coaching and to make a biggest community where people can help each other and pay it forward. 

The world needs more love baby.

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